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VECTOR ART (line art) PLEASE DO NOT EMBED Gif, tiff, jpeg, or .bmp's into any of the options below:
  1. Save as .EPS - save the art/fonts as curves, (or outlines).
  2. Save as editable(workable) .PDF convert the art/fonts to curves (outines).
  3. Save as Ai (version 9), or Corel X3 or lower, convert the art/fonts to curves (outines).
The following files are good for viewing purposes ONLY: Gif, tiff, jpeg, bmp, Word docs, and scanned files from these types of files, we can re-create the art. No artwork will be created until confirmed to do so.

Attention: PHOTOSHOP is NOT a VECTOR program.

A vector file is a graphics file that contains a vector image, rather than a raster, or bitmapped, image. Shapes and lines make up vector graphics, which are fully scalable images, while raster images are made of pixels and cannot be scaled up without loss. Graphic designers prefer vector images for logos and line art because they can be converted to a wide range of sizes without distorting the image.

Important: before you send us "ARTWORK":
  1. Open up the file you intend to send us, on your screen (do not use Photoshop when viewing).
  2. Zoom in as close as you can.
  3. If the letters or image is blurry, or it has jagged edges, it is NOT vector artwork.
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